Vermont Grant Helps Student Pursue Calling By Wendy Reese

I resisted doing my advanced yoga teacher training. I have always said that yoga chose me, not the other way around. While I have received many compliments over the years about my teaching style, I have struggled to embrace being a yoga teacher for 13 years. Life has a funny way to redirecting us to our purpose regardless of how strongly we resist.

Funding for Yoga Teacher Training
Scholarship programs for Yoga Teacher Training are available– you just have to look!

The Call to Advanced Yoga Training

The call to step up and pursue my advanced certification was about as subtle as running into a brick wall. I don’t know if I will ever forget sitting on a beach with a friend, discussing A Course In Miracles, looking up at a hawk soaring overhead when I heard it. I wish I could remember what my friend was saying at the time, but I can’t. What I do remember vividly was knowing I had to do this certification. But doing so without a scholarship for yoga teacher training seemed impossible for me at that time.

I began to research 300 hour YTT’s. In Vermont there are at least 4 that I could find and, of course, Kripalu was nearby. All were a significant financial investment. A few were also such a long drive that housing would be required.

How to pay for yoga trainings and retreats
Yoga Schools and other state or local programs may provide funding for career development for yoga teachers.

Paying for Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Since moving to Vermont 2 years ago, my business has struggled. Money has been tight. I had to find an alternative to actually follow through with this calling. I began looking into scholarships for yoga teacher training. A friend told me about a grant called VSAC through the State of Vermont for non-degree courses that would improve employability. Applicants may receive this grant for up to two enrollment terms per financial aid year (July 1-June 30) and a total of six terms of Non-Degree grants in a lifetime. 

The institution must be eligible and approved. A few of the YTT’s were, however, Soma Yoga Institute was not. I reached out to Liz and asked her about it. I applied for the grant. VSAC provided enrollment papers for Liz. Both of us were accepted- she for the school and myself for a scholarship for yoga teacher training! 2/3 of my tuition was covered. I still had to pay for books and the remaining tuition, but that was far more feasible than the full burden of tuition.

This is a brilliant way for Vermont residents interested in doing a yoga teacher training to be able to afford it. 


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