Our Soma Yoga Institute students come from all over the world, ages 18 - 72 and beyond, with different abilities, strengths, and challenges.  Some arrive with a love for inversions, others with injuries they are working with. All share a deep desire to benefit from the healing practices of yoga and a connection to their own innate human-ess.  In our yoga teacher training programs, we celebrate diversity and create a conscious community of support that values difference. Check out below what some of our students have to say!

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"Great vibe and wonderful teachers"

"Crazy Cornicopia of Incredible Yoga - Amazing"

"Powerful, Life-changing, & Eye-Opening"

"The Most Unique, Empoweriing Educational Experience"

"Come Share the Yoga Magic - Just Do It!"

"I came with a fear of speaking now
20 times more confident"

"Going home confident!"

"Learned to teach to all sorts of populations"

"Learned to heal from back pain"

"Brought the life altering philosophy to life!"

10 Signs You Are Ready for a Yoga Teacher Training!