Our Soma Yoga Institute students come from all over the world, ages 18 - 72 and beyond, with different abilities, strengths, and challenges.  Some arrive with a love for inversions, others with injuries they are working with. All share a deep desire to benefit from the healing practices of yoga and a connection to their own innate human-ess.  In our yoga teacher training programs, we celebrate diversity and create a conscious community of support that values difference. Check out below what some of our students have to say!

Soma has some of the best teachers I've ever had. The virtual learning space we all shared was nothing short of inclusive, heartfelt and definitely empowered me to feel comfortable in learning this material. I joined this 200 Hour Online YTT space being very nervous that I wouldn't fit the picture perfect label as a yoga teacher. But man did I thrive! I absolutely adored the live virtual space of our Saturday calls. This YTT has affected my life tremendously already. Its brought me to a better understanding of healing and helped to truthfully rectify my relationship with body and mind. The meditation journey was not easy, nor were the journaling exercises, the inner work I did in the YTT was real and true. I'm becoming more confident in myself everyday and that WOULD NOT be without the help of you all. My own yoga practice has developed quickly. I can truly see the connection I have with my yoga practice and being a yoga teacher is linked divinely. Thank you for this wonderful experience. It's helped me find inner peace again. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Taeisha Barrett

What amazing energy, teachers, location, and students this training had! Liz really set up a very conducive, loving, encouraging, environment which I truly value and Molly’s classes were challenging and fun. This training really opened my eyes, heart, and mind. I have found joy and self-love, and confidence and would love to share this with others. I loved all the content we covered equally, and it is hard to decide what I loved best. I would love to train again with Soma Yoga Institute and would highly recommend this program to others! Liz, thank you for making the last-minute arrangements to accommodate me in this amazing program, I am absolutely grateful! This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Greece exceeded my expectations and it is truly one of the most inspiring events of my life. - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Eunice Wong

An incredible and transformative experience with knowledgeable, kind and supportive instructors. Thought and care has been put into every aspect of the curriculum, giving a great foundation to begin a career as a yoga teacher. This is complimented by the magical environment (Costa Rica) which helped facilitate an open, productive and concentrated learning experience, as well as strong collaboration between students. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate.

-  Mohammad  Zahid

Simply put, this experience has been life changing. I came to this yoga teacher training in Costa Rica with the assumption that I was going to learn how to teach an asana practice, but what I am leaving with cannot possibly be put into words. What I can say is it was pure bliss. I now have a much deeper spiritual interest and understanding of yoga, a deeper love for myself, and an endless gratitude for my own practice. Our instructors, Peggy and Allison, were nothing short of spectacular; they are inspiring, knowledgeable, humble, kind, loving, and their grace knows no bounds. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was such a blessing and I cannot thank Soma Yoga Institute enough for the experience. It was pure light. I am, and forever will be, grateful and honored to have been a part of it. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Hannah Harstad

The alchemy of this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and its combination of the teachers, students, and the Big Island made it an unforgettable, life-changing, and amazingly lovely experience. I came for knowledge and what I got was so much more. I learned that without a doubt I am where I am supposed to be, doing what this world needs me to do. I feel so blessed to have met all the beautiful, magical people and I know I will hold a special place in my heart for all of them. I loved the sutras, going deeper, hearing everyone's perceptions and how the philosophy manifests in their life. The meditation practice became something I cannot do without and I greatly cherish that opportunity to find my way with that. It has been an honor and a blessing to spend time with two amazing teachers, Liz and Molly. Thank you, this has been such a magical journey. - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii Graduate

- Nicole Yarbrough

This was a huge and transformational journey; spiritually, physically and mentally. My perception of the world around me, as well as the people that occupy it, has grown much more humble. My personal practice has embodied a level of ease and love that is starting to bleed out into my life off of the mat. The knowledge that I obtained these past weeks really boosted my professional confidence. The pose studies were awesome and I loved the history and philosophy too. Our instructors Liz and Molly really strike a nice balance as neither one felt overpowering of the other and each was unique, I have nothing but praise and respect for them. The prep and intention that went into each day of this retreat was immense. High fives! I am inspired to share what I know and to proliferate Yoga. - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii Graduate

- Justin Gumb

For years I have been trying to understand my body and the different pains and injuries I have, and honestly, I have never understood so much about it in so little time! I loved how anatomy gave me a better understanding of my body, habitual behaviors, and how to work with injuries. I made so much progress during this training. Thanks to this yoga teacher training I have completely switched my way of seeing yoga and would definitely return and recommend this program to others. Namaste! - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Jalil Bouab

The location of this yoga teacher training was amazing. Being so close to the beach at Okreblue Retreat in Greece was extremely nice. Liz and Molly really, truly welcomed all of us to the yoga teacher training and brought so much life to it. This yoga center truly opened my heart and mind to different perspectives on life in general and specifically my life. My confidence level as a yoga teacher increased but I also realized how much more intricate yoga is. The chakra component was very fun and interesting. It helped me to realize how diverse yoga is! I will definitely return for more training with Soma Yoga Institute and will definitely recommend this program to others. Soma Yoga Institute is the most loving, caring environment for me to grow as a yogi and to improve as a yoga instructor. There is no other place I can imagine for me. Thank you so much for the entire 18 days. I am so happy to have met both Molly and Liz. I have learned so much about yoga and most importantly about loving myself and how I can spread that positivity to my surroundings!  - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Erica Im

I am so happy the universe aligned me with this fantastic training. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a deeply caring modality. All teachers demonstrate their passion for yoga in different ways and their dedication and continuing education is evident. The heavy emphasis on anatomy helped me better understand the importance of alignment. I really appreciated the extensive restorative modules as it is a form of yoga I am passionate about. My personal practice, as well as my life in general, now will have a deeper emphasis on ahimsa. I feel much more confident in providing a safe, learning environment for others to experience yoga and look forward to learning from other yogis in my lifelong journey. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Kelly Zinn

There are so many things I enjoyed about this 300 hour yoga teacher training. I  increased my knowledge about alignment and engagement. It taught me how to keep safe now and in future doing yoga. My personal practice will no longer be about just getting into poses but paying attention to my body. I enjoyed the chanting, the two hour long, daily yoga practice, the meditations, the alignment with engagement of muscles, and the assist and adjustments class was fun and alive. Our teachers: Peggy is blissful, Christine joyful, Liz very relaxed and educational. I also love the somatics. Jess as a teacher gave very cool vibe and very clear step-by-step instructions of getting into the poses and has a lovely, powerful voice. Soma taught me safety first, not damaging the body while you practice, how to decrease the wear and tear and listen to the body from the inside. The body has lots to say, and all we need is a bit of silence to hear it. -300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

- Seshu Pisipati

I enjoyed the diversity, focus on safety and the appreciation for every body type which this program fostered. We always approached the practice first by seeing the beauty of a student’s pose before we seek to modify it. I have a deeper understanding of how I practice yoga and how it feels in my body. While I mostly came to this program for personal reasons, I feel it has given me the courage to start a new path integrating yoga into my work as a holistic nutritional consultant. I look forward to joining Soma Yoga Institute again in the future to continue my education and would not hesitate to recommend Soma Yoga to anyone who asks! I feel blessed to have had Liz and Alison leading and guiding me on my way and preparing me for a deeper journey into yoga. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Amanda Divinecz

This training was so much more than just about becoming a teacher. It transformed my life, and I feel so connected to myself and empowered to express myself unapologetically in an authentic way. Not only am I walking away prepared to teach many different cases, but I also feel as though I understand who I am so much more. I feel like I found myself again through this experience, and it is something I will forever be grateful for. The location, schedule and classes were so beautifully cohesive. I would return to and recommend Soma Yoga Institute to others a million times over and can’t wait to return for my 300-hour in 2021! The universe granted me the perfect program and I now see life through a brighter and more vibrant lens. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Brooke Langston

Spending so much time daily in meditation and asana really allowed me to move through my emotions in a healthy way and positively impacted my life in ways I cannot fully express in words. My personal yoga practice has deepened and strengthened and will in turn impact the way in which I guide others. Learning more about balancing my chakras has helped me to ground into my body more and out of my head. When I started this course I was at a challenging time in my life and often easily overwhelmed by emotions as a result. I am now more connected to my intuition, more grounded and able to flow through life with more ease and trust as a result of what I learned through this course. The last thing I will say is that the 200 hour online YTT course has helped me to show up more authentically. Still a work in progress, but I have more patience and am more loving overall. I've been able to shed and release a lot of energy that no longer served me. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Dominiece Clifton

The 300 hour teacher training with Soma was incredible. All of the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and did a great job of building a strong community. This training shifted the way I think about teaching yoga to my students - from improving my ability to leverage props, to sequencing in a way that adequately prepares the body for peak poses, to adjusting for different bodies, to theming and set up the bhav (or mood) of a class. It also dramatically improved my personal practice in ways I would never have expected - I never feel pain in my joints anymore. I couldn't be happier to have chosen Soma.  -300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Greece

- Kavita Patel

I loved the intense focus on alignment and loved all of my fellow classmates. The location, Zen Spirit was a beachside paradise with out of this world sunsets, palm trees, bright red bougainvillea, butterflies, families of curious iguanas and cute little geckos, and a jungle and rolling green hills in the distance. The staff and faculty were so helpful, and we were given so much solid, foundational information that we can turn back to again and again as we deepen our own personal practices and develop our sequences for our yoga studios and private clients. I am so much more aware of my alignment and connected to my breath. I have great confidence that I am ready to teach and look forward to continuing to improve and grow my practice. Both Liz and Alison did an extraordinary job, and I want to say thank you for an incredible, transformative training. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- JacquelineFernandez-

The overall energy and feeling of this program were stupendous, thorough and in-depth. Liz and Alison both have immense and lifelong knowledge and passion for yoga. My experience has taught me to be more open, thoughtful, and compassionate for all things on a daily basis. This program provided me with the tools to go out in the world as someone with not only a deep appreciation for the practice, but also as someone with the ability to share these skills with others. I will 100% be recommending this experience to others and can’t wait to return to Soma Yoga Institute for my 300-hour training in Greece 2021! I cannot thank Liz and Alison enough for guiding us on this journey that is about so much more than just yoga. Soma Yoga Institute has created something amazing and I’m so glad I was able to make the leap and partake! - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Giles Smith

This experience made the most positive and loving impact in my life. Learning alignment and ways to practice safely have exponentially improved my understanding of yoga and mindfulness and have smoothly transitioned into my personal practice. After this course my confidence is at an all time high. Liz and Peggy are the greatest Yoga duo ever!! So knowledgeable and loving! - California Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Brandon Jensen 

I loved how beautifully crafted each session felt. It progressed gradually and every lesson built upon and reinforced the last, always allowing us to digest and present what we learned through well-supported teaching sessions. I liked how prepared I felt for each practice teaching experience. Liz and Peggy gave us a really clear framework to work within that allowed me to build confidence and feel comfortable exploring in safe ways. This program completely transformed my understanding of Yoga. The alignment brought ease and joy into my practice as well as a new deep sense of trust. It gave me the confidence to share the practice with others without fear. Liz and Peggy are inspirations, their way of being in the world has modeled compassionate presence and lightheartedness, attentive listening and careful speech. I loved hearing the stories, I keep mulling them over as they are so rich with insight into the human condition. I felt so supported throughout the entire process. I never thought I would be able to stand in front of the whole group and teach (while still breathing) let alone that it could be fun. The teachers feedback and support gave me a wonderful sense of confidence. I am so thankful. - California Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Lina Crowley

My experience in this 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training has affected me profoundly. I now possess a deeper understanding of so many aspects of yoga, from pranayama to meditation and Asana. I gained an appreciation by diving into the essence of my true self and inner light. I thrived being part of a supportive Yoga community. My confidence in myself as a yoga teacher has flourished. I loved the benefits of receiving instruction from four amazing, highly experienced teachers. I loved the sense of community and belonging that was instilled by all of the instructors and quickly radiated out to all of the students in both the 200 and 300 hour group. The location at Okreblue in Greece was amazing; it was a stunning setting for an immersion training. This is such a well organized and expertly led program. Everyone’s unique talents and skills are celebrated. Personal growth and development is at the heart of this program. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn, celebrate, and grow. I highly recommend this program. If you think you’re too old or too young, all ages of students excelled. If you think you’re not far enough advanced in your practice you absolutely are! This is a safe space for everyone, where no matter your background or experience, you will enjoy success.  -300 Hour Greece Yoga Teacher Training

- Jeanette Thomson 

The location of Salvatierra in Costa Rica was mind blowing, hearing the jungle sounds, waking with the birds, beach meditations, the food, all of that created a magical environment for learning. I felt a deep connection to the rest of the students and our teachers, Liz and Jess. Learning new concepts and having a daily routine was necessary for personal growth. My self-development increased so much with asking questions, getting feedback and putting my curiosity on stake, all of this help me figure things out and made me happier, more settled as a person. Learning about the yoga history and philosophy deepen my connection with source. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Abby Green

This yoga teacher training has built more confidence in me and affirmed that I am on the right path to continue to become a better and better Yogi and teacher. I really liked the detailed analysis of the poses on the emphasis on proper alignment as it is so important. Thank you so much for everything I am beyond grateful and so happy with my decision. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

-  Marshall McKinley

This 200 hour therapeutic yoga teacher training in Greece exceeded my hopes and expectations. The teachers are extraordinary, and I had no idea how much their presence would form this experience. The pedagogy, especially for teaching sequencing works, and time again I found myself thinking that’s a smart way to teach that concept. I am filled with gratitude for this experience. It was an embodiment of strength, courage, joy, delight, and love. I will carry my time with me the rest of my life. - Greece Yoga Teacher Training

- Sarah Fisher

Through this 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training my entire understanding of yoga has turned upside down. My personal yoga practice is now inquiry-based and about the deepest kind of listening to myself I've experienced to date. It has introduced a meditation practice to my life that is transformational. I feel like I can confidently take my practice out into the world and share this beautiful gift with others. More importantly, the program has created a deep foundational personal practice of yoga that will ground my body, mind, and spirit for the rest of my life. I couldn't be more grateful for this program. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Mathew Oaks 

This 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was a phenomenal experience and one I will cherish for the rest of my life. The incredible knowledge and experience the instructors brought to the training really brought my understanding of Yoga, my personal Yoga practice, and confidence to a much higher level. I really enjoyed the expansion I gained of my teaching ability. The teachers Liz, Peggy, Christine and Molly all have such incredible passion and it really shines though. I found the yoga history and trauma informed classes fascinating, and I loved Christine’s kids yoga class so much. I am so grateful! -Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Greece

- Lisa Shelby

I really enjoyed the structure of this training and the balance between all elements of yoga. I loved the balanced energy between our two teachers, Liz and Molly. I loved how they created a safe container from day one and set the tone for the training. I loved the wide variety of classes we were offered and the amazing and inspiring teachings and students. I feel this course has changed my life. The training reminded me of how much I already know but gave me some fresh perspectives to consider as well as introducing me to new concepts in terms of structuring and sequencing classes. Learning to set the framework of a class and seeing it in action was truly inspiring. I loved it all! Particularly Liz’s insights into the true nature of yoga and Molly’s yoga class with dynamic music! I would definitely return to Soma Yoga Institute for more training and would recommend this experience for others. This training made me feel as if the essence of yoga has been reclaimed! I feel I have rediscovered what first drew me to the practice of yoga. Liz and Molly, you are both amazing teachers without egos and you both passed the teachings on in such a beautiful way. You offered a way to teach that helps others to empower themselves in their practice and daily lives and created such a balanced and healthy student-teacher relationship. - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Sara Yeates

This program is amazing! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and thoughtful program. I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent my community with this therapeutic practice! I truly enjoyed the personal study combined with the community meeting aspect of this course. I got the best of both worlds! I also enjoyed having Liz as my mentor. She made me feel safe, supported and kept me focused on my goal. When I started this course, I was going through some major transitions. I was able to use what I learned from my course and cohort in my own life to navigate tough situations and keep going. I gained tools that I will use for the rest of my life and I am excited to share them with other students! I loved learning about the gentle yoga practices using props because in modern yoga I never saw that representation! This course provided options that were inclusive and that is so important to me as a yoga teacher to provide for my students. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Brijet  Finister

This 300 Hour Advanced YTT training affected me deeply throughout all aspects of my life. Specific to my yoga teaching it gave me a much more in-depth knowledge of the body and anatomy and a more precise vocabulary and dialogue. My confidence as a teacher has grown exponentially as well, as the quality of my teaching has drastically improved. My personal yoga practice has also improved due to my rededication and education from the teachers. My personal relationships of change because I’ve learned to love myself more and except less toxicity from others. I loved the teachers' breath and depth of knowledge each in their own area of expertise based on their different backgrounds and lineages. Anatomy portion was my favorite component because this knowledge was lacking in my 200 hour training. I enjoyed Courtney‘s presentations on sequencing, Yoga Nidra, bandhas, and sankalpa. Allison‘s presentation on the chakras and proper Sanskrit was wonderful as was learning proper alignment with Megan and Liz. I was impressed and inspired by Liz’s knowledge and wisdom. I loved learning about the history of Yoga and different philosophies like Kashmir Shavism as well as hearing her dharma talks through the stories of Yoga. I loved Liz‘s lessons and or journaling session about where we fit in the world and how our unique gifts can change the world for the better. I loved seeing my fellow trainees teach in April, May, and June. I cannot say enough things about the profound influence this training has had on my life. I am so grateful for the way in which this training manifested and for the energy of the teachers and my fellow trainees. I highly recommend! -Advanced Yoga Teacher Training California

- Kristina Hoover

This entire training program was a true delight. What I loved most of all is that each lesson was taught with authenticity, honesty, and a whole lot of heart. Throughout the entire delivery of the content, the history of Yoga became a guiding light that revealed deeper layers of meaning and nuance. When choosing a Yoga teacher training program, this was of the utmost importance to me and I always felt that true Yogic tradition was honored in so much of the experience. Practically, I loved that there were 6 live calls as they provided such enriching and informative content. Additionally, I got paired with an amazing practice teach partner who helped me build my motivation and confidence as a new Yoga teacher. Most of all, I am eternally grateful for my mentorship pairing with Sam. Sam is a constant source of wisdom, inspiration, and passion for all things Yoga! To be able to learn from her is a gift and I know that our talks along the way helped me get to the finish line with ease and grace. This entire experience has been truly fulfilling and I am so appreciative of all of the time, effort, and energy put into the makings of this YTT. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Allison Morse

I truly enjoyed the balance between physical activity, spiritual/philosophical learning and the more technical topics. I loved (and needed) the alignment classes! Instead of thinking about an alignment for each pose I am taking away an alignment framework that works with any posture. Alison and Peggy are fantastic teachers and each of them brings their own touch to the yoga classes. I recommend this yoga teacher training to any Yogi looking to learn to teach others in a safe way. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Aida El  Malti

I could write a whole book about what I loved about the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training at Kalani Oceanside Retreat, so here goes. First off, I loved the setting, perfect for immersing us in the magic of yoga both off and on the mat. Kalani Retreat Center was so welcoming, so open, a place to just fully be yourself. I loved the compassionate style of teaching offered by Molly and Liz and especially the process and pacing gave me so much confidence to teach! Liz and Molly are so knowledgeable about yoga and they live and breathe yoga. They are patient, loving, kind, funny and encouraging. I also loved how different and unique they are from one another, so authentic and real to their true natures and they made the perfect team! I admire them so much and hope to emulate these qualities as I go on and teach. Before I came to this yoga teacher training in Hawaii, I practiced yoga, I loved yoga, but I viewed it as primarily a physical exercise. Another way to get stronger, to push myself and through this training I learned that yoga is so much more than that. As a competitive gymnast and diver, I was taught to push, push, push my body to the limits and I grew up believing I was only worth what my body could achieve. 17 broken bones or more, I’ve lost count and to accept pain or even seek it, I’ve lived a very painful life spiritually and physically. Through this program, I’ve learned to love myself and that yoga is life, yoga is how we love ourselves, it is the mind, body, spirit connection! It is a way of life, and I am going to carry all that I learned off and on the mat. I loved the whole program, but the biggest gem I got was “trusting the process” Molly and Liz truly gave us all the tools to be able to live, share and teach our yoga with the world. The confidence that was instilled in me through loving feedback, and the “pep talks” made me so confident to teach and who I am and what I have to offer as a person. Through this program, I learned how to let go of shame, self-loathing and love myself unconditionally! I learned that I don’t need a “fitbit” to count calories or track my steps to tell me how I feel about myself at the end of a day, because I am exactly where I need to be, I am perfect right here in this moment and every other moment I will be blessed to experience. - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii Graduate

- Jillian Kelly

Soma’s YTT was an incredible experience and exactly what I needed at this moment in my life. I loved programming and how we explored foundations of asana as well as the deeper exploration of the philosophy of yoga. The training opened a much deeper understanding of yoga to me from the Yoga Sutras, to the essential alignment principles, to many different techniques of stilling the mind through meditation, it taught me so much. Anatomy was fascinating to learn why certain postures feel so amazing. The section around trauma and the nervous system was essential to me. I am so impressed with Alison and Peggy, our instructors were fabulous. I'm going home refreshed and peaceful and ready to look at my relationships through a more compassionate lens with better emotional coping skills. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Kalinka Madej

I just felt inspired to write to you about how much I am enjoying the program! I feel like a kid in a candy store - there is a yoga class for every mood and every occasion: chakra balancing, dosha balancing, active, gentle, restorative, teaching solid foundations and alignment, funky and playful, yin and the ball rolling. There is meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra and philosophy as well. I've been into yoga and meditation for 20 years and still I am learning so much! This is the most holistic and well-designed program I could have ever imagined and I teach online classes at a major university so I don't say this lightly. Zoom calls are great and practice teach pairing is helpful and unlimited mentoring calls are very appreciated. Plus, I get access to all the videos for the rest of my life? Wow, I feel like there is enough info there for me to learn from for the next 10 years! And the gentle encouragement from all the teachers is amazing. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Inessa Magdalena Love

I loved EVERYTHING about this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program! I looked far and wide and searched hard and long for the perfect training, and this was without a doubt The One. The daily schedule and flow of content was nothing short of flawless. It was so well thought-out and there was a perfect balance and weaving of concepts between theory, philosophy and practice throughout the entire program. The space was also STUNNING and so welcoming with modern accommodation, 2 gorgeous pools, delicious food (not to mention super generous portions), and we pretty much had the whole stretch of beach to ourselves. The best thing about this YTT however, was the people and my instructors. We all found a little piece of home in each other, and I could not be more grateful for having Liz and Peggy lead us through this transformational journey. They are such inspirational beings with so much knowledge, wisdom and experience to share on all topics. They had an amazing synergy and complementarity as a teaching team that I could have never dreamed of - teaching us how to see ourselves and the rest of the world with compassion and eyes of love before anything else. This training allowed for such broad and deep learning that went way beyond how to teach yoga. It empowered me, and has provided me with foundational tools that I can use for the rest of my life—not only as a yogi, but also as a productive human on Earth. Perspective is everything and learning to first see myself with loving kindness has allowed me to develop a more balanced and peaceful inner world where I can listen to my deepest intuition and let it guide me. Whether or not you come here to teach yoga, you will find empowerment and the ability within yourself to do anything and everything you hope to do. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Sierra Martin

I really enjoyed the patient and encouraging teaching, the close friendships that were formed, and the gorgeous location (The Okreblue Retreat in Paros, Greece) of this 200-hour yoga teacher training program! I will definitely be recommending this program and hope to train with Soma Yoga Institute again in the future. This experience affected my life in so many unexpected ways. All of them positive. I came away with more self-acceptance, skills I am certain will be of benefit to my own health as well as the lives of others and a much broader worldview. Soma Yoga Institute expertly takes care of all the details so your sole focus can be embracing this life changing experience. I would confidently put my trust in Soma Yoga Institute again. - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Ami Sandlin

I took my 200 hour trauma informed yoga teacher training with Soma. I cannot say enough good about the experience. Liz and Alison were incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about everything they taught. I attended the ~3 week intensive in Costa Rica, and the way it was structured fostered an immediate sense of camaraderie among what was an otherwise diverse group of people. I left the experience feeling qualified and capable of teaching, and excited to begin to do just that. I plan to return to the Soma Yoga Institute for my 300 hour teacher training when I'm able. If you're considering yoga teacher training, you'll be hard pressed to find a better program than Soma, and I encourage you to sign up. - - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Chase Adams

I loved how positive this course was and thoroughly enjoyed the scope. Liz and Allison from Soma Yoga institute were wonderful teachers and brought great energy to class each day. They were truly inspiring and I would recommend Soma Yoga to all. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Fatima Zahid

As a Medical Doctor and also a yoga practitioner wanting to teach, I really appreciated the anatomy and alignment study this program offered. Learning the alignment and applying that to pose analysis was very helpful in learning to teach and practice safely. I really enjoyed working hard in our practices and our morning meditations. We also had such a wonderful group, I admire and have much affection for them and the teachers as well. I highly recommend this program. - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Hawaii

- Robert   Silber

I loved the unwavering positivity of this training. It was so rich and never boring. Every day I was excited to wake up at 5:45 to discover the next lesson, whether it be Ayurveda doshas, chakras, or a different style of yoga! I loved the support of our daily practices and the 8-fold path we were introduced to in our study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. This 8-fold path is a big help in reminding me where I will go. This training showed me that yoga is the best way to calm my mind, and I learned so many teaching techniques I am excited to continue to practice and master. My favorite days were Ayurveda day because I felt so good after oiling my body and knowing my dosha is so helpful in learning to know myself and go deeper into self-study. I also loved chakra day because they are so interesting and complementary to Ayurveda. I also really enjoyed yoga nidra and level one teaching but I loved it all so I can’t quite choose my absolute favorite. I would recommend this experience to others and would definitely return to Soma Yoga Institute in the future. I am so grateful for all of your love, support, heartfelt joy, respect, and professionalism. Thank you so much! - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Patrizia Trojani Poggi

Our teachers, Liz and Peggy have been absolutely amazing. The education we received, and their level of experience surpassed my expectations. I am leaving so well equipped to teach yoga. I am beyond inspired. This experience offered me an opportunity to step away from my routine to life and gain a new perspective on how I was living. I came here with the original intention to grow in my own personal practice as well as get certified to teach. I am leaving with that and a deeper sense of love and respect for myself. I was blessed to have a wonderful group of people to stuydy with so many people from this group including Liz and Peggy have left their impression on me and I will definitely pay it forward. My favorite was what we learned about self love and appreciation and honoring yourself. This was an amazing experience. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Ashley Leung

I am so excited to have learned so much! Between yoga, meditation, breath, practice, I can’t wait to bring the sense of calm and curiosity into my daily life. I really appreciated how much Liz and Alison work to get to know us as individuals. The content was thoughtfully, delivered, and very interesting. The combo of sitting versus moving was perfect. The group vibes are great. The training felt very professional. I also love the thoughtful discussion of cultural appropriation, as I have long wondered about that and I am grateful it was addressed. I am also excited to have learned all the correct alignment to bolster my personal practice, I am so grateful, Soma Yoga Institute is professional, warm, and fun. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Ray Tiersky

I loved so many aspects of this Soma Yoga 200 hr Online Yoga Teacher Training. I found it so wonderful to be invited into such a supportive and open community, learning with everyone has been an honor and I look forward to continuing education through Soma Yoga! I have felt so much healing through this program and feel so grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing yoga with loved ones and others as I continue being in the teachers seat. It brings me peace knowing I have the continued guidance from this program so that I can continue to be informed as a yoga practitioner on best practices and feel a sense of community. I really loved and appreciated the flexibility of this program— I felt grateful to be able to bring the online YTT curriculum with me to the beach and the mountains! Most importantly, this practice has been shared with and dedicated to my mom, who’s always been my main yoga buddy. This has fostered a deeper beautiful relationship with myself as well. From my bottom of my heart, thank you! - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Kathleen Kuhnly

This yoga teacher training program has brought me so much joy and deepened my love of Yoga. There was an amazing balance with instruction, practice, self-study and practice teaching. The classes were well balanced and interesting. The Costa Rica location is beautiful and peaceful and I love the many opportunities to enjoy the beach, the pool, and the afternoon smoothies. I came here only to deepen my practice and I’m leaving with a confidence to consider teaching in some capacity. I feel grateful. 100% absolutely recommend.-Colleen Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Colleen Monaco

Yes! I recommend Soma Yoga Institute. I really enjoyed the skill level of the yoga teachers, the proximity to the beach, the food tasted great and having everything taken care of for me for 18 days. I gained a layer of confidence as a yoga practitioner and novice teacher. I enjoyed ayurveda and inversion day. Ayurveda, because it's about living your daily life with a healthy lifestyle, and inversion day, because it was both challenging and fun at the same time. I also have a deeper understanding of all the different yoga practices and a more profound knowledge of its origins and intellectual meanings. I enjoyed ayurveda, because it's about living your daily life a healthy lifestyle, and inversion day, because it was both challenging and fun at the same time. – Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate.

-  Alexandre Teck

This was an experience of a lifetime, and I loved it all. When I arrived the ease into the classes and course material was great. We started from the basics and worked our way into understanding why yoga is so complimentary to everyday life. I learned a lot with the alignment component and now understand my body through these many hours of practice. I’m forever grateful to the teachers for the impact they have made in my life. Through this immersion, I came into an inner peace that I have been seeking. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

-Shezelle Weekes

For me, this training was a 10 of 10. The curriculum was a well balanced mixture of both practice and theory. I like the therapeutic approach, putting the needs of individual bodies at the center and not emphasizing, showing off or fancy posing. I’m very impressed by the teachers' knowledge, the community we created, and the attention to detail. One could really tell that Soma Yoga Institute puts their students in the center. I learned how to build a solid foundation in my yoga poses. It changed the way I practice every pose now. The alignment queues are a game changer. Meditation helped me to find clarity for my next steps in life. Overall this 200 Hour YTT was truly transformative. I did not expect that. -Fabienne - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate.

-  Fabienne Schatter

Anyone who wants to be a yoga teacher should take Soma Yoga Institute yoga teacher training. I loved this yoga teacher training experience. I feel like I finally learned alignment and I loved how the alignment sessions built on themselves, a little each day. I also love the chakra section because it added another layer to the Yoga experience. I loved being at Salvatierra in Costa Rica and learning from both Peggy and Liz. The chanting was lovely and I loved the community we built with such a great group of students. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Stephanie Carlos

Soma Yoga Institute YTT is top-notch. They know how to inspire, educate, and prepare yogis to teach. I came in with two goals: to learn alignment and to become more confident as a teacher. My understanding of yoga has increased as a result of learning to sequence creatively, weaving themes and intentions, diving into the Sutras of Patanjali, chanting, chakras, koshas, and so much more. I wholeheartedly recommend Soma Yoga Institute to anyone looking to experience a 200-hour teacher training. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect location to immerse yourself in both the beauty of Costa Rica and the knowledge and support by Liz and Peggy…This YTT program is a 10/10!- Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate.

-  Catherine Lewis

I enjoyed the overall format of this Yoga teacher training course. Its effectiveness was felt in the first five days of the program while I was learning about the asanas, improving my practice, and being introduced to the important concepts of pranayama, and the eight limbs. These were things I was curious about. There is a lot of ease in learning. I always felt able to sit with the moment and see how a concept resonated with me. My experience of the poses changed from “are we done yet” to “this is balance and ease”. The Chakras, the doshas of Ayurveda and in the anatomy, along with the philosophy, took me to a cerebral understanding of yoga. The asanas are only a small part. The power of the breath means so much more to me now, especially as the path to inner peace and true nature. My confidence as someone who could teach yoga at my desired level is confirmed.-Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Nanette Turanski

 This 200 hour training exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Words can’t even explain. Peggy and Liz, our instructors complemented each other so beautifully in their teaching styles and personality. They created a positive community environment and set the stage for a loving place to learn. My understanding greatly increased in the yoga poses, therapeutic side of yoga, and how to keep the body safe for a lifetime of practice. I loved the Yoga Sutra presentations, walking meditations, and inversion day was amazing. I am now feeling more confident that I can teach my students good alignment. I’m so grateful for the teachers, they have impacted me in ways I didn’t know I could be impacted. They showed me what the love of Yoga does, and the transformation it has on lives. It shines through everything they do. Thank you so much for giving us a skill that will change lives. I want to share with others what you gave me - confidence and joy.! -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

-  Jennifer Lancaster

 I love this beautiful location of Salvatierra. It was peaceful, and the perfect place to focus on a yoga teacher training course. I was blessed to have a wonderful group of students to share this experience with, no drama or clicks. I learned so much from Peggy and Liz and I feel confident to begin teaching. I also learned how to better center myself with meditation and coming into the space of Yoga. I feel I am able to be present and in the moment better than before I arrived. I’m working on seeing others with eyes of love including myself which helped me tone down the inner critic. I loved learning about Ayurveda and Chakras to understand myself at a deeper level and how to find balance. I enjoyed the reflections of the Yoga Sutra to understand the deeper essence of yoga - Costa Rica yoga Teacher Training

- Lindsay Gottschalk GottschalkGottschalk

Everything here was wonderful. The location is just paradise, the learning was holistic and thorough, the practices were well laid out and thought through. Now looking back through my notes after these 18 fantastic days, I realized how much I have learned. I improved my personal practice through the alignment study. My understanding of yoga changed from seeing it as a way to stretch and restore from cardio, to a holistic practice to increase awareness and well-being. It effected my relationships as I learned to gain more empathy and widen my perspective on other people’s paths. Finally, my confidence received a massive boost. I am very grateful to our teachers, Liz and Peggy, for guiding us through with such kindness, care, diligence and professionalism. They are both wonderful teachers and their love for yoga shines and inspires. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

-  Marta Galofre

I came here to learn to teach yoga and while I feel like I accomplished that, I also feel like I became a new person in the process. Not just as a teacher, but as an educated yogi. With a real belief system that is based on what I feel and think. I leave here with new budding confidence in myself and my potential. I learned anatomy, history, alignment and philosophy all in ways that were straightforward and easy to understand as well as in a loving and therapeutic manner that fosters growth and maturation. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Trianing

- Kristi Villers

I enjoyed everything about this yoga teacher training period the atmosphere, the great balance between yoga active and relaxing yoga classes, our lessons and breaks. The way Peggy and Liz teach with passion clarity and kindness exceeded my expectations. Learning the alignment was very interesting for my practice, I learned what engagement my body needs to feel better and safer in certain poses. I also want to continue certain movements to get better mobility in my shoulders. I found the anatomy alignment and engaging very interesting because there's so much you can consider to help people feel better in their poses. Learning different kinds of meditation was beautiful. I loved the chakra meditation with the different mudras and sounds because I could really feel please in different specific areas of the body. I loved working in groups as it brought great variety and better connection with other students. Thank you for these incredibly in enriching 18 days. I am leaving with so much motivation to keep practicing and doing a bit of teaching and of course learning more. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

-  Amira Poetsch

I highly recommend Soma Yoga Institute for the program design, teaching method, therapeutic alignment, and yoga philosophy teachings. The daily schedule was perfect, a good balance of contemplation, movement, input, breaks, and integration. Learning sequencing was my favorite part, the alignment sessions combined with anatomy were really helpful. I also broadened my understanding of yoga philosophy and how to bring yogic qualities into the yoga classroom and daily life. The program was very accessible to all body types, levels of experience and personal background. Soma Yoga Institute left us students with compassionate hearts and confidence to share the joy of Yoga with our communities. I am confident and excited to teach others with the bhava of service to humanity! - Greece Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Julia Karch

The 200 hour yoga teacher training environment was exceptionally welcoming and fostered openness. The instructors with their wealth of knowledge and approachable demeanor played a pivotal role in making this journey enriching. Coming here to Salvatierra in Costa Rica and taking the leap into this training without any expectations was a game changer. It allowed me to uncover a whole new side of myself. I found profound connection to my inner self and a heightened sense of self-worth. During the training I unveiled layers of strength, resilience, and compassion within me that I had not recognized before I used to have so much pain in my yoga practice but studying alignment and foundation has allowed me to be able to correct my posture and feel no pain so I can continue practicing what I love more often. Thank you for this amazing experience. - Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

-  Sam Murphy

I loved everything about this 300 hour yoga teacher training. The thoughtfulness of the curriculum, the pacing of the program, variety of subject matter, and the passion for yoga in the instructors. The experience expanded my understanding of yoga, and left me wanting to explore more. It made me want to explore making my home practice more well-rounded using the Koshas, chakras and Doshas. It made me more confident in my ability to create yoga classes. The program also helped me to see myself more clearly in my relationship with others. I love the alignment, Ayurveda, the philosophy discussions, the fascia component and the sequencing. It has been a wonderful experience. - Greece 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

- Jen Goddell

This yoga teacher training in Costa Rica was one of the loveliest experiences I’ve ever had. First of all being in such a beautiful place surrounded by the most supporting and welcoming people as well as the marvelous training I had, I wouldn’t trade these couple of weeks I had for the world. This was the first yoga teacher training course I had taken and I learned so many new things. Both in a teaching and spiritual aspect. This training not only made me so much more confident in being able to take my first steps into teaching yoga but also as a person in general. I really hope to do it again. Thank you so much Liz, Peggy and Salvatierra!!- Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

-  Emel Sensoy

I am so thankful to have landed here. The depth of knowledge of both of our teachers, Liz and Jess, is astounding. I truly enjoyed everything about this yoga teacher training. Learning more about alignment and yoga philosophy we’re probably my favorite things. But actually, teaching was unexpectedly amazing. Sequencing classes is so interesting. I also enjoy the time to connect with yogis from around the world. The beautiful location of Salvatierra is paradise and sharing it with my daughter Sarah was magical. The meditations on the beach are other worldly. I thought there was no way I would teach when I arrived but now I believe that if I choose to I can. I knew little about yoga philosophy and I loved what I learned. It is such a beautiful message. I learned that the joy of the divine is in me and I should never hold that back. I absolutely would do another teacher training with Soma Yoga Institute and absolutely I recommend this to others. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- JeanEllen Trubshaw

Since being here and practicing everything I learned my back pain has gone away. My confidence has grown significantly, as well. I feel better about my ability to teach and create a yoga sequence. As a traveling nurse I often work at night and as such it was hard for me to maintain a consistent yoga practice. This yoga teacher training experience made me excited to try harder to commit to daily practice. I loved the knowledge that Liz and Peggy bring to their teaching and their love and enthusiasm for yoga. The location in Costa Rica, Salvatierra, is truly a beautiful spot- Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

- Adriana Dalto

My whole practice has changed. It is now safer and more engaged. I loved the sense of community within the training, it was such a safe place to learn with tremendous support from the other yogis and teachers. This space allowed me to take risks and gain insightful feedback that will help me grow as a teacher. I loved what I learned through the alignment studies, it transformed my practice, I noticed with correct alignment even my body changed over the last month. I also love sequencing. It inspired my creativity. I also loved chanting, meditation and breathwork. This is my first experience with it and it helped me understand myself and my emotions better. I also love the diversity of the teachings and their teaching styles, learning the history, and understanding the reasoning behind every single aspect of the program that was taught was amazing. -Greece Yoga Teacher Training

-  Bailey Haeberle

Having the opportunity to learn in this immersive program is incredible. Greece is so beautiful and allowed me to connect with myself andthe teachings. My confidence in teaching has grown so much. I found my voice and teaching style The alignment was my favorite, I was seeking it in my own personal practice and now I am able to help others with it. I also enjoyed the chakras. I also loved the sequencing with Jess, it was so helpful and definitely allowed my confidence to grow as a teacher. All the teachers are so lovely and I truly enjoyed my time here. -Greece Yoga Teacher Training

-  Sydney Rowland

I enjoyed challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone in a loving supportive environment. I enjoyed Liz‘s wisdom and compassion and Jess’s fire, grace, and generosity. I loved the setting, the food, the accommodations, the animals, the birds, and the waves. I learned so much about alignment and engagement which will be so beneficial to me and my students. I learned to appreciate yoga philosophy and draw parallels between Buddhism and yoga. I sharpened my hunger for a daily practice and for more community to practice with. The chanting with the harmonium was magical, I loved the silent mornings, the sutra presentations, practicum, and getting to see everybody shine! -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Sarah Wisby

This was the trip of a lifetime for me and everything I needed spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically. I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people and being taught by kind teachers with so much experience. I also really enjoyed the structure of each day and it’s routine and that is something I’m planning on implementing into my life every day at home. I also had never meditated until taking the program and that is something I want to practice every day when I get home. My favorite topics were the business of yoga and anatomy. The anatomy was familiar for me and I liked learning about it in connection to yoga poses an alignment and how the body moves. I am super grateful for this opportunity and the experiences I had here. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

-  Kelly Green

When I signed up for this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training I didn’t think I would want to step into teaching but now, without a doubt, I will. We built a beautiful community. I never felt pressure to conform or change. The energy of both of our teachers was different but complementary to each other and I thank them very much for being so encouraging and open. I love learning about alignment, chair yoga, chakra meditation, senior yoga, sequencing and all the skills. The location of SalvaTierra in Costa Rica was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations - the beach, the pool, the staff, everything. I am so grateful to take what I have learned forward to support my practice. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Geaorgie Weare

I absolutely recommend this program without any doubt. The classes and the learning had a good growing pace. It was easier for the first days and more challenging as we progress. I also liked very much the complimentary and different energies of both of our teachers. The environment they created was nice and friendly based on positive feedback. With their very wise and clever guidance it was a very inspiring community for group with so different with many cultures and backgrounds. This program is going to affect all aspects of my life. -Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Paula Garcia

The teachers, Peggy and Sam were the absolute best – so knowledgeable, caring, and supportive. They really brought the best out in each of us. The group of students was so amazing and we had a great bond with each other. This was mostly due to how the teachers held space for that sort of interaction from day one. I learned so much about bringing self-love into my life. I highly recommend this course to new teachers as well as current teachers who want to add to and improve their current teaching skills. I have attended other 200-hour trainings in the past and many other yoga trainings but have found Soma Yoga’s offerings to be the best ones. I look forward to returning for their 300-hour advanced program in 2021. I learned so much that I am now ready to take out into the world and use with my students. Thank you, I really loved every minute of this course and experience. - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Amanda Marren

I came for the purpose of learning how to safely get back into yoga after living in chronic pain for over 2 years. I am leaving with no pain in my mind, body, and heart. I was given the space to rest, recover, and to love myself. 

The love and care of the instructors was amazing. Sam’s soul oozes with love and gratitude and that spills over to her students. Her zest and love for what she does makes you feel safe, loved, and excited to delve into self-study. She taught me how to calm my mind, open my heart, and know that it will be OK. Peggy gave me confidence and space to feel like I could physically practice again. Her love, patience, and direct approach is amazing. She made me feel safe on my mat and retrained me on proper alignment that has forever changed my practice. The entire experience was so magical.

- Marlo Drago

 Liz and Alison are amazing teachers. The curriculum is very well structured, varied, challenging and engaging. I learned so much and it is because of what was taught AND how it was taught. Liz and Alison are kind and dedicated. They clearly love what they do, and their enthusiasm comes through in their teaching. The location is beautiful, and all of the staff were lovely. I made wonderful new friends and will always treasure this experience. Thank you, Alison and Liz!

- Amy Golightly

This 200 Hour Online yoga teacher training was a perfect fit for me. It included the elements I was looking for in a yoga teacher training like anatomy, safety, history & philosophy, therapeutics and much, much more. Ialso enjoyed the self-paced learning while also having aweekly guideline to follow. I believe that the instructors were especially excellent and their individual diversity in methods added to the training as a whole. Completing this 16 week course while working full time gave me a real sense of accomplishment. It broadened my understanding of yoga in ways that I could not have imagined. This led to a much deeper personal yoga practice for me. I am so appreciative to Soma Yoga Institute for this course which is fulfilling the desire of my heart to teach yoga. I will be going back through the content to absorb and continue learning often in the future. - 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

- Kristen Frock

There are so many things I enjoyed about this training! The welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere, the course structure, routine, delicious meals and the kindness of everyone here are things it can be hard to come by these days. I did not expect to become so in touch with myself and others during this training, but we were continuously encouraged to love ourselves and each other. I have “found myself” and have become comfortable teaching. I am now able to accept that I am enough, that it’s ok to slow down, and that everything I really need to be happy is what I already have! I loved my instructor Sam’s consistent message of looking inward and healing the self. I loved our other instructor Peggy’s asana sequences because they provided a great workout. Both Peggy and Sam teach safe, proper alignment and engagement and because of this I would hesitate to train with any school other than Soma Yoga.

- Denia Hirliman

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