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"This program has given me such a great opportunity for self-exploration. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras discipline is explained in terms of a force for enacting change.  This teacher training has been that force for me, helping to venture outside of my comfort zone within our beautiful, supportive Kula (community).    I feel truly blessed.  I am more confident, passionate and healthy.  I find Yoga’s teaching to be incredibly healing, they have helped me become more resilient, joyful and easeful. My sense of trust in the future and my ability to handle it gracefully has blossomed.  When I finished my practicum I was totally in awe at what I had achieved.  When I signed up I was very intimidated by the challenge of learning to teach, and was mostly just interested in developing a personal practice. I have bloomed into someone who is confident and excited about sharing Yoga with others.  Everyone should train in Yoga."


"I loved how beautifully crafted each session felt. It progressed gradually and every lesson built upon and reinforced the last, always allowing us to digest and present what we learned through well-supported teaching sessions.  I liked how prepared I felt for each practice teaching experience. This program completely transformed my understanding of Yoga.  The alignment brought ease and joy into my practice as well as a new deep sense of trust. It gave me the confidence to share the practice with others without fear. I loved hearing the stories, I keep mulling them over as they are so rich with insight into the human condition. I felt so supported throughout the entire process.  I never thought I would be able to stand in front of the whole group and teach (while still breathing) let alone that it could be fun.  The teachers feedback and support gave me a wonderful sense of confidence.  I am so thankful. "


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