By Casey

Taking the 200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training with Soma Yoga Institute was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only is the Kalani resort fun and beautiful, but effortlessly simple and made my yoga journey feel complete. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect, or reconnect, with nature, yourself, and with the other amazing yogis in training. Liz Heffernan and Molly Masaoka do a phenomenal job at balancing the physical aspects of yoga with the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects. They are experts at weaving together a truly fulfilling experience. You will get to experience getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Additionally you will be able to dive deep into yourself and your personal practice. There is plenty of time spent on practice teaching. Ultimately, you will leave Kalani feeling comfortable and confident in your abilities to teach yoga.

Favorite Yoga Teacher Training Program in Hawaii
Soma Yoga Institute’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Hawaii regularly receives 5 star reviews from it’s graduates

Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hawaii

If you are looking for the best yoga teacher trainings and want one that is truly one of a kind, look no further than the Soma Yoga Institute 200 Hour therapeutic yoga teacher training at Kalani. Every single day was truly an adventure into my own personal yoga journey. Whether this is your first yoga teacher training or your fifteenth, this curriculum is challenging and rewarding. You will definitely leave being more aware of your yoga body and your yoga mind.

The retreat is in beautiful jungle island paradise. The the resort has a gorgeous pool, jacuzzis, a sauna, shuttle service to and from the resort, amazing staff, and delicious healthy meals to accommodate pretty much anybody. Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten free? No problem. It’s wide open spaces and beautiful permaculture team make this an inspiring place to relax, meditate, converse. In this setting you can explore new topics in yoga and spirituality, and really reconnect with your true self. Away from distractions, I believe this is the optimal environment to learn a vast amount of information in a condensed time period and somehow still leave you wanting more.

Raving Student Testimonial for Soma Yoga Institute in Hawaii
Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Hawaii

Incredible Faculty

The 200 hour therapeutic yoga teacher training with Liz and Molly is one of the best yoga teacher trainings without a doubt. It changed my yoga practice and my life forever. While these two have their own unique styles, they seem to compliment each other like yin and yang. Not only will you get to break down poses into their most basic elements. You will learn to do them with the most integrity of your life. Also, you will gracefully push yourself into poses you never thought possible for yourself. Personally I got into my first solid handstand and crow pose while I was there. I continue to practice them daily.

In addition to their motivational teaching style, there are phenomenal guest speakers. We enjoyed the wisdom of Chuck Miller who did a workshop of our most basic poses. My body has never been so aware and my sun salutations have never been stronger or more mindful. This comprehensive program allows you to explore physical postures, anatomy, sequencing, practice teaching, meditations, the business of yoga, and other interesting workshops that make it easy to wake up early feeling genuinely excited to learn. In addition to all the amazing things you will learn from this program, these instructors teach in a way that makes it easy to put what we have learned into action in every day life and feel comfortable about teaching it to others.


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