Svadhyaya is one of my favorite aspects of the Yoga path.  It is this ingredient that helps me become less judgmental. It helps us release attachment and become more accepting of the self, others and the world around us. This concept often refers to the study of yoga’s reflective texts and philosophical teachings. It can also be translated as ‘self study’ which implies an honest, compassionate attention to self reflection.  

Each one of us has this capacity. Especially when we take the time to realize and develop svadhyaya on our yoga mat and in our daily lives.  As a result of self- reflection we learn to pause. We learn to uproot the patterns which no longer serve us. We can then consciously choose, thoughts and actions which heal our physical body, uplift our relationships and ultimately bring more joy into our lives.

Svadhyaya in Yoga
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Group Meditation on the Beach

Diving in to the practice of Svadhyaya in Yoga

Firstly, of the best ways to dive into the practice of svadhyaya is through a deep immersion as part of a supportive group experience. Soma Yoga Institute’s upcoming Yoga Teacher Training programs are open to all sincere students with a deep interest in yoga.  Indeed, in these trainings, we  create a nurturing community to embrace us. We practice, breathe, study, discuss, meditate, and reflect together.  

Our programs cover the full spectrum of yoga. This includes asana, alignment, adjustments, modifications, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, meditations and much, much more.  The curriculum and assignments in and out of class will provide the road map. Our community of like-minded yogis will provide the inspiration.  

Sharing yoga is only truly possible when it comes from deep personal experience. If you wish to be supported in self-study to deepen your practice, refine your yoga postures, explore tools for positive change and access your amazing potential, please join us.  Soma Yoga Institute is proud to offer students from around the globe the opportunity to study online or in person in our 200 and 300 Hour YTT Programs and CE.


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