"This has been a life changing experience for me. I have grown exponentially since the first day and have learned that I can help others. My talents were brought to the surface and through this ever-supportive training I was able to find my unique voice. Speaking in front of others has been a challenge for me, but I now can speak with a boldness that I did not once have. I can now say that I have confidence in myself and love myself which was not the case when I first came here. Yoga is an all encompassing lifestyle, and after training with Soma Yoga, I now have the tools to help me navigate through my life's journey. I have never felt so empowered!"

-Ashley Flohr

"The emphasis placed on developing our own consistent personal practice really resonated with me as I have seen how profoundly better I feel in mind, body and spirit after making a habit of practicing every single day here. I feel excited to continue to learn and grow in the world of yoga and feel this yoga teacher training course has given me a strong and solid foundation towards my goals of not only teaching yoga classes but providing individualized therapeutic yoga to my clients as a physical therapist."

-Carson Judkins

"Soma Yoga Institute was awesome. Fantastic teachers and a very organized and thorough curriculum. Whether you're looking to improve your practice or get certified to teach, this is a fabulous yoga teacher training program. So grateful that I did the research and selected Soma. Stupendous, rock star teachers and the location of the training was magical."

-Scott Cohen

"Everything was amazing. The best decision I could have possibly made for my RYT journey. My confidence is much higher now. I learned a lot about my body and my individual practice. I know now how to keep myself safe during my practice. I am leaving the program with the feeling that I can hold energetic and kind space as a teacher and know modifications to give to students. Anatomy was one of my favorite subjects because I love the body in all its forms. I also loved the flow classes and the Yoga Nidra. Our teachers were phenomenal and complimented each other's teaching styles and personalities perfectly. The location at Zen Spirit was amazing. I highly recommend this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training."

-Olivia Lindstrom

"I enjoyed the diversity, focus on safety and the appreciation for every body type which this program fostered. We always approached the practice first by seeing the beauty of a student’s pose before we seek to modify it. I have a deeper understanding of how I practice yoga and how it feels in my body. While I mostly came to this program for personal reasons, I feel it has given me the courage to start a new path integrating yoga into my work as a holistic nutritional consultant. I look forward to joining Soma Yoga Institute again in the future to continue my education and would not hesitate to recommend Soma Yoga to anyone who asks! I feel blessed to have this experience guiding me on my way and preparing me for a deeper journey into yoga."

-Amanda Divinecz

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