But it never used to be like this. Not at first. With my overly amped-up lifestyle, spending 30 minutes lying around in Yoga Nidra never seemed all that productive. 

Honestly, it was hard to relax and unable to truly let go. Instead, I would catch myself relaxing and then jerk back into my normal, hyper-aroused state.

This was before I understood how important it is to regulate my nervous system.

Now, I find this the most important practice to help me maintain health and mental wellbeing. 

Not only has yoga nidra helped me improve my sleep, but it has also reduced my stress levels and anxiety and increased my positive outlook. 

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Have you ever practiced Yoga Nidra? What is it anyway?

Perhpas you have never even heard about this practice. Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” is a state of complete relaxation. It is a meditation technique that can be practiced at bedtime or any time of day. Yogic sleep is one of the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. The goal of this practice is to reach a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. This state involves focusing on breath awareness, body awareness, and visualization. Yoga Nidra has been shown to provide numerous health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and reducing blood pressure.

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Here are my top 10 reasons why you should practice every day.

  1. Firstly, t’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day.
  2. It’s a form of meditation that anyone can do.
  3. Yoga Nidra doesn’t take up much time – you can do it in as little as 10-30 minutes.
  4. It is perfect for those who have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia.
  5. It helps to clear your mind and relax your body.
  6. It’s an easy way to reduce stress and anxiety.
  7. It can help with pain management by relaxing the body and mind.
  8. It can improve your concentration and focus.
  9. Yoga Nidra can boost your mood and increase your sense of well-being.
  10. Finally, With skilled use of Sankalpa (intention) layered in you can transform your life!

All you need is a comfortable place to lie down and a yoga mat or towel.

There you have it, my top 10 reasons why you should do Yoga Nidra every day! 

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