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According to Student Reviews and School Ratings on Yoga Alliance

Europe has a secret paradise location for yoga teacher training: Greece!

Greece, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is a popular destination for yogis looking to deepen their practice and explore the world of yoga. The azure sea and sky make for a deeply serene environment which is naturally supportive of a meditation practice, yoga nidra, open-minded discussion of yoga philosophy, or an ashtanga yoga or vinyasa yoga practice. Whether you are new to the practice or have practiced yoga for years, a yoga retreat in Greece is going to be just the ticket for enhancing your well being.

Reasons to travel to Greece for Yoga:

  • Idyllic Yoga Retreats: Greece boasts numerous picturesque islands and coastal locations that provide the perfect backdrop for yoga retreats. Whether you are looking to book private or shared accommodation, you’ll find a wide range of retreat centers and resorts where you can immerse yourself in daily practice. The serene surroundings and soothing sea views create a serene atmosphere, ideal for meditation and deepening your yoga.
  • Natural Beauty and Serenity: Greece’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes provide an opportunity to connect with nature during your practice. You can practice yoga by the beach, on cliffs overlooking the sea, or amidst olive groves and vineyards. The country’s peaceful ambiance encourages inner reflection and mindfulness, making it an ideal place for spiritual growth through yoga.
  • Wholesome Mediterranean Cuisine: Greece is renowned for its healthy Mediterranean cuisine, which complements a yogic lifestyle. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients like olives, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are staples of the Greek diet. Enjoy nourishing meals that support your yoga and overall well-being, all while savoring the flavors of the Mediterranean.
  • Cultural and Historical Exploration: In addition to yoga, Greece offers a rich cultural experience. You can explore ancient ruins, visit the landmarks of ancient history, and immerse yourself in Greek mythology. This adds depth to your journey, allowing you to connect with the country’s history and spirituality while on your yoga retreat.
Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Greece
Yoga Teacher Poses above the Aegean Sea in Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

Overall, Greece is a paradise for yoga lovers seeking a combination of natural beauty, healthy living, and cultural and historical exploration to enhance their yoga practice and well-being. It’s easy to see why Greece is a powerful place to move from being a yoga practitioner to becoming a new yoga instructor.

If you have been searching for the right yoga instructor training in Greece for you, then you have come to the right place. We want to help you learn to interpret Yoga Alliance (YA) school rankings and to find the best yoga teacher training in Greece. Whether you are interested in teaching yoga or just want to deepen your personal yoga practice, our list of the top yoga schools and yoga teacher trainings in Greece is sure to be a useful tool on your journey, so let’s dive right in:

Introduction to Yoga Alliance for Exploring the Best School for learning about teaching yoga

Yoga Alliance Logos

Yoga Alliance, a non-profit organization founded in 1999, functions as a global network connecting yoga instructors, yoga schools, and the enthusiastic yoga practitioner. YA Professionals core objective is to champion the integrity and diversity within the yoga community, all the while upholding stringent standards for quality and professionalism in yoga instruction and yoga classes. Members of YA gain access to a range of services and materials, including a registry of certified yoga teachers and accredited schools, educational resources, and active advocacy for the yoga community worldwide.

A pivotal facet of Yoga Alliance’s mission lies in its credentialing mechanism, referred to as the Social Credentialing System. This system is structured to establish guidelines for yoga teacher training programs, acknowledge proficient yoga instructors, and empower yoga enthusiasts to make well-informed choices regarding their yoga education and guidance.

Soma Yoga Institute's 200 Hour Greece Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher practicing Meditation in the Mediterranean sun by the aegean sea in Greece Yoga Teacher Training Program with Soma Yoga Institute

After a student completes their yoga teacher training and proceeds to register as a certified yoga instructor, they are requested to provide a review of their training experience with their Registered Yoga School directly on the website. These student reviews are aggregated by yoga alliance professionals and stored within the school directory meticulously curated by Yoga Alliance, creating a priceless reference for students in search of their ideal training institution.

By leveraging genuine feedback from graduates, we’ve crafted a list of the top 10 student-rated Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the beautiful country of Greece. Yoga Teacher Training course is a life-changing experience and we wish you a truly wonderful experience with your yoga school.

Social Credentialing for Selecting a Greece Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga Alliance’s Social Credentialing system requires that individuals who have successfully completed a yoga teacher training program through a Registered Yoga School (RYS) share their candid evaluations of the training experience directly on the YA website. This “direct” review process eliminates any intermediaries, allowing trainees to express their feedback directly on the platform. Completing this review for the RYS is a prerequisite for advancing to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

School Ratings

Net Promoter Score on Yoga Alliance

As you explore the YA website, you will notice that all training schools are obligated to showcase their overall school ratings. This information is particularly beneficial for individuals searching for a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. We encourage potential students to visit the Yoga Alliance website and assess the ratings of the programs they are contemplating. It’s worth mentioning that although schools must display their overall school ratings, the decision to disclose the Net Promoter Score (NPS) rests with each school. The best yoga teacher training courses are going to be forthcoming and well reviewed by newly graduated yoga teachers.

Student Comments

Furthermore, schools have the option to enable or disable student comments at their discretion. Perusing these comments can offer invaluable insights when making a choice about a yoga teacher training program that aligns with your personal goals and preferences. Be sure to notice students feedback on important elements such as physical yoga practice, yoga philosophy, pranayama techniques, meditation practice, yoga history, teaching techniques, and the flow of the course schedule and daily lifeGiven the abundance of comments available, you can locate these student reviews on the Yoga Alliance website.

To streamline your yoga journey and your access to this information, the list below offers a handy reference, saving you valuable time during your exploration of yoga teacher training courses.

10 Best Socially-Rated Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Greece

We have examined the finest 5 yoga teacher training courses in Greece that boast more than 50 reviews on the Yoga Alliance platform. Accumulating 50 student graduate reviews is indicative of a substantial level of experience and a commendable track record as a yoga teacher training course.

Presented below is a list, ranked according to the highest NPS (Net Promoter Score). The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely recognized business metric for gauging loyalty and enthusiasm. It mirrors the likelihood of trainees actively advocating for the yoga training and yoga school to their friends and acquaintances.

Ashtanga Yoga Practice in Greece

Soma Yoga Institute

NPS Score: 9.5/10

Overall School Rating: 4.88/5.0

446 reviews

“Gain in-depth skills to explore Yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health, self transformation and personal empowerment.”

Soma Yoga Institute’s training in Paros, Greece takes a therapeutic approach to it’s teaching methodology and offers students in-depth skills to explore Yoga as a vehicle for holistic health, self transformation, and personal empowerment.

Soma Yoga Institute boasts a curriculum that includes a unique blend of alignment-based vinyasa flow, a solid foundation in Hatha Yoga, restorative yoga, and 200 hours of instruction offered within a therapeutic framework. We combine modern day biomechanics and research driven science with ancient teachings.

Highlights of the Soma Yoga Institute Program include:

  1. Pose study with Adaptations for ALLBODY TYPES (includes standing poses, hip openers, forward bends, twists, backbends, inversions, and supine)
  2. Bio-mechanically Sound & Anatomy Informed Alignment
  3. Art of Vinyasa & Flow Yoga
  4. Adapting for Injuries and Common Conditions
  5. Studying with C-IAYT Yoga Therapists and excellent teachers with over 25 years experience.

The instruction will cover a wide range of techniques including Yoga postures, anatomy, relaxation, yoga nidra, breath awareness, pranayama, meditations to calm the mind, contemplations to transform limiting tendencies into life affirming thought patterns, and the application of clear, anatomy-informed principles of alignment to create safety, balance, and freedom in poses.

Aspiring teachers explore yogic philosophy including concepts from Ayurveda, the Upanishads, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Chakra System as frameworks for the application of Yoga as a spiritual practice and as journey towards radiant health and wellbeing. Graduates of this program feel empowered to teach a variety of class types and yoga styles, including all levels vinyasa Yoga, alignment-based classes, Yoga foundations, senior, gentle, and restorative.

About Okreblue Retreat Center

This immersive Greece Yoga Teacher Training course is held in a nature lover’s paradise. A tranquil island atmosphere with dazzling beaches, clear azure waters, delicious food and exceptional natural beauty, Okreblue Yoga Retreat offers the perfect space to immerse in reflective practices.

Practicing Yoga in the stunning landscapes of Yoga Teacher Training in Greece
Instructor at Soma Yoga Institute’s Yoga Teacher Training course in Greece practicing yoga by the sea

Located on the magical Greek Island of Paros, this seaside eco-retreat center is in an area of exceptional natural beauty, overlooking the blue waters of the Aegean Sea with sand dunes, aged cedar forests, “secret” coves with sandy beaches and clear waters. The accommodation is just steps away from the water, with open-air indoor/outdoor yoga halls, and organic food that is grown right in the Okreblue’s gardens. this retreat creates the perfect space to reconnect with mind, body, spirit, and nature. Greece, itself, is the perfect destination for yoga teacher training, you will fall in love with its beautiful, calming and magical charm.

Dining at Okreblue Retreat Center

Suresh, Okreblue’s talented Indian chef, prepares healthy fusion Mediterranean Indian cuisine using organic ingredients, the majority of which are picked fresh daily from Okreblue’s organic garden. Morning smoothies, a vegetarian brunch, and a vegetarian dinner are provided for yoga teacher training participants each day. Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan diets are accommodated upon request. You may also like to visit Okreblue’s Café that serves light meals and drinks in a wonderful, chilled out atmosphere with lovely sea views. Their menu includes breakfast items, salads, cold plates, smoothies with superfoods, raw vegetarian & vegan sweet delights, herbal teas, organic honey and Tacchini (a local specialty).

Gloria Latham Ltd. Yoga Teacher Training Program

Gloria Latham Ltd.

NPS Score: N/A

Overall School Rating: 4.8

528 Reviews

“The Foundations of Teaching Kundalini Awakening Yoga”

Kundalini Awakening Yoga training offers a rapid path to profound personal transformation, benefiting both you and your students. In fact, many instructors from various yoga traditions turn to Kundalini when the demands of teaching and life become overwhelming.

The majority of our students enroll in our teacher training program during pivotal moments in their lives, such as major transitions, crises, or disruptions. If you find yourself in a similar situation, Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher Training course can provide the clarity and courage needed to break free from stagnation and effect change in any aspect of your life.

It’s only by personally experiencing this transformation that you can effectively guide your own students through their journey.

Yoga Works 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga Works

NPS Score: N/A

Overall School Rating: 4.76

Based on 3107 Reviews

“Learn to Teach Yoga with a time-tested curriculum and industry-leading teachers, YogaWorks offers best-in-class yoga teacher trainings.”

YogaWorks Vinyasa Teacher Training represents the pinnacle of yoga education in the United States. Our school primarily follows the Vinyasa Flow style, placing a strong emphasis on precise alignment and thoughtful sequencing. With a legacy dating back to 1990, we have a global presence, spanning 50 cities and 17 countries. Whether your goal is to elevate your practice, embark on a professional teaching career, or undergo a transformative experience, we offer a program tailored to your needs.

Why should you consider a YogaWorks Teacher Training course?

• We hold an internationally recognized and esteemed status as a RYS. Since 1990, YogaWorks has nurtured thousands of aspiring teachers, including some of the most prominent contemporary yogis.

• Our university-style program equips practitioners with a well-established toolkit to expertly craft sequences, teach, and practice yoga.

• Our approach, which combines rigor with an open-minded perspective, empowers you to cultivate your unique teaching style and voice.

We extend an invitation to embark on your journey of teacher training and become a part of the YogaWorks family and its enduring legacy.

Yoga Skyros Academy 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Skyros Academy

NPS Score: N/A

Overall School Rating: 4.7

75 Reviews

“Yoga Teacher Training course according to our philosophy: Privacy with the Master”

This Yoga Teacher Training program has been meticulously crafted to illuminate the entirety of Yoga Science and initiate your journey into the world of teaching yoga as a career. Through this program, you will gain the proficiency to instruct and lead a comprehensive Yoga class and embark on the professional aspects of a Yoga career. Yoga Skyros Academy doesn’t just impart Yoga knowledge and inspire its aspiring yoga teachers; it has the power to transform lives.

Our Yoga Academy is centered around the concept of small class sizes combined with top-tier instruction on the secrets to teaching yoga. This approach enhances your learning and comprehension, facilitating a deeper connection with your inner consciousness and promoting inner peace in a safe and nurturing environment.

Here are some key advantages of our yoga teacher training course:

  • Enhance your personal yoga practice.
  • Foster spiritual growth and development.
  • Acquire life-enriching skills.

We proudly offer the 200 and 500-hour Yoga Alliance USA Yoga Teacher Training programs with the exclusive guidance of Master Carmen. Our class sizes are intentionally limited to 10-12 students to ensure high-quality instruction within a serene and zen-like environment. Carmen’s teaching approach is profound yet simple, in alignment with the teachings of Buddha. Our focus is on providing a complete education, devoid of unnecessary embellishments. After certification, new yoga teachers are equipped to independently continue their personal growth journey, work in a reputable yoga studio, or even establish their own yoga studio.

Studio One Yoga Teacher Training Program

Studio One

NPS Score: N/A

Overall School Rating: 4.85

55 Reviews

“We create the future fitness professionals.”

This training program holds accreditation from the Yoga Alliance World Qualification Organization, granting its participants international recognition as Hatha Yoga Instructors and official membership in the Yoga Alliance at both the RYT-200 and RYT-300 levels upon successful completion.

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training


Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation practice, feel more present in your own body, learn a new yoga style, looking to enhance your wellbeing, or simply want to be certified to teach, YTT has something to offer everyone. Incredible yoga instructors, a winning curriculum filled with everything from vinyasa yoga to yoga philosophy, a peaceful yoga retreat, and walking away from your daily life for yoga training is a deeply life-changing combination. For those seeking the perfect yoga teacher training in Greece, we hope that the list above will be an invaluable tool along your yoga journey.


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