You are free

There is a last teaching that Krishna gives Arjuna on Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita. It is simply this, he says, “You are free”.  

I love this. After this lengthy discourse with intricate teachings on all aspects of free spirit Yoga. And after all of Krishna’s coaching to help Arjuna rise from his depressive state to face his moral dilemma. Krishna’s sage advice is “Arjuna, do whatever you like, you are totally and completely free”.

I don’t know about you, but I have found myself so caught up in my routines and obligations. When my life by default is dictated through the world of “shoulds” and “have tos”.   In these moments, I am definitely not feeling free. Rather imprisoned by my limitations, stuck and pretty grumpy about it. 

Yoga of Freedom
Krishna and Arjuna

Freedom in yoga

The word for freedom in Sanskrit is svatantrya.  “Sva” translates as self and “tantrya” means to loom or to appear.  Ultimately contemplation of this meaning helps us see that we are self-looming beings, we create our world out of our own consciousness.  This perspective is supported fully by the very first sutra from an 11-century yoga text the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam:

“Consciousness in her freedom brings about the attainment of the universe.”

From the yoga perspective freedom is not about having exactly what you want but rather having the capability to experience joy, bliss and ease in the face of any and every present moment reality.  You are free to choose your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and ways of seeing the world. This alone is up to you.

Even on the yoga mat we can find ourselves attached to achieving a certain form of a pose and notice feelings of disappointment when the world does not fulfill this petty desire. However, the invitation in yoga is always to keep the highest purpose in mind and stay in recognition of our true nature. 

In a miraculous way we self-loom, we are beings that create our reality out of our consciousness, something that is so innate and such a regular every moment occurrence that we fail to recognize its amazing potential.  As radically free beings we have the ability become a force of nature that consciously weaves into manifestation the world that we so desire.  This Independence Day, in recognition of your freedom, choose to liberate yourself and be that force.  

Be free through free spirit yoga.

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