Please note: this blog article draws inspiration from Sundari’s talk on Aging Gracefully. It was presented during the 2023 How Yoga Heals Seminar Click here to watch a replay of this talk


In the world of yoga, age is no barrier to discovering the profound benefits of this ancient practice. Sundari, an inspiring yoga teacher, shares her wisdom and experience. She opens up on how yoga can be an empowering journey with chair yoga for older adults.

As an older adult herself, she dives into the heart of aging. She demonstrates that yoga, especially with the use of a chair, becomes a perfect companion for many types of practitioners. This includes beginners, those experiencing physical limitations, or and those navigating the beautiful path of aging gracefully.

The Chair Prop: A Star Accessory for All Ages

The chair prop in yoga proves to be an indispensable tool, especially for older adults. It supports beginners, the aging population, and individuals with injuries. Furthermore, it provides practitioners them with stability, confidence, and accessibility in their yoga practice.

Yoga as Union: The Inside Journey

At its core, yoga is a practice of union – the unity of mind, body, and heart. Sundari emphasizes the importance of turning inward and experiencing the interconnectedness of our being. She explores how chair yoga for older adults can deepen their self-awareness, enhance emotional well-being, and foster a sense of community even in individual practice.

Yoga and Aging: Nine Benefits for Mind and Body

Drawing from research studies and reports, Sundari also explores the numerous benefits of yoga for aging individuals. From improved blood flow and muscle strength to alleviating back pain and arthritis symptoms,chair yoga for older adults offers a holistic approach to supporting overall health and heart well-being.

Alignment, Intention, and Breath: The Pillars of Aging Gracefully

Sundari introduces the importance of alignment, intention, and breath in the yoga practice. These three pillars become essential guides for aging individuals to maintain physical strength, emotional balance, and mental clarity.

Navigating Aging Challenges with Grace

As we age, accepting the changes that come our way is essential. Sundari delves into the power of acceptance and how it opens doors to growth and self-awareness. Additionally, she explores the art of receiving, letting go of resistance, and embracing the present moment to live a life filled with energy and expansion.

Empowering Teachers: A Path of Love and Compassion

For yoga teachers working with older adult populations, there are valuable lessons to impart. Thus, Sundari discusses the importance of creating a supportive and loving environment, instilling courage and creativity, and empowering students to feel connected, loved, and accountable for their well-being.


Overall, Sundari’s talk has shown that yoga is a timeless practice that beautifully complements the aging process. The chair prop becomes a trusted companion. Additionally, the pillars of alignment, intention, and breath guide older adults toward a graceful and enriching journey. With the wisdom of acceptance and receiving, we can navigate aging challenges with grace and embrace the infinite potential that chair yoga for older adults offers.

For both teachers and students, yoga becomes a powerful source of community, compassion, and self-love, nurturing us throughout the stages of life’s ever-evolving dance.

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To watch a replay of this talk click here


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