Adbhuta Rasa, the flavor of wonder, has been a guiding force in my life this summer.  It’s been a summer rich in change. From caravanning across the country and moving into a new community, to yoga-ing in Hawaii and then shepherding my 18-year-old out of the house into his own adventures.  

Evidently, this sudden burst of radical change has catapulted me into a lovely exploration of awe inspired reverence and of Adbhuta Rasa. I appreciate this amazing orbit I have currently propelled myself on. Often when our lives get too busy, we develop habitual patterns. Patterns of traffic and behavior that become mechanical and commonplace.  The hazard in routine only pops up when indifference creeps in. We forget to see the bigger picture that taps us into the mystery of it all.

Presence as Adbhuta Rasa

I have been taking the time to just be with the beauty of nature this summer. I enjoyed resting into the trunk of a 1500 year old redwood tree. To breathe in the mighty force of the wind along the California coast. To be present with my family has been a great reminder to awaken to the magic in the ordinary moments. At times it is so easy to forget what a fascinating journey we are all really on, to forget the Adbhuta Rasa.

200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Students experience the wonder of Costa Rica
200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Students experience the wonder of Costa Rica

It is a conscious act, bringing in adbhuta (wonder) as the primary contemplation. Whether its on your yoga mat or out and about in daily life. We are all invited to cultivate mindful presence as well as incredible curiosity.  This is an invitation to greet each breath with awe, to become enchanted with this downward facing dog right now, and even to meet the tougher places in our lives with deep fascination.  Out of all the infinite possibilities, the unlimited choices, the myriad of life’s inevitable twists and turns, this is the moment that is presenting. The instant we become fully absorbed in this mysterious unveiling – relishing life in all of its flavors – is the moment when our heart can taste the inherent bliss of Adbhuta Rasa.  I am thankful for these moments this summer and invite you to give it a try.  Let me know how it goes.

In the Spirit of Yoga,

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